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Basic rules for new people that are willing to apply:

1. Misanthropy is raiding three days per week which are:
- Thursday 21:00 till 23:30
- Sunday 21:00 till 23:30
- Monday 21:00 till 23:30

- As this is only three days per week, we require 100% attendance
- Any IRL emergency or booked holidays are posted in AFK/Away Thread to keep us informed

2. We are using TS/Ventrillo as a voice chat and you *must* be there. Talking on it is huge bonus as this is a key to get our team just work better.

3. After joining our team you will be on Trial for 3 weeks, where we evaluate you as a valid member of our team.

4. We are using Loot Council while distribution loot as DKP is a thing for 25man guilds. Attendance, performance and many other things benefit you while needing an item. Loot system goes like that:
- Member > Trial > Off spec > Social / Alt

5. You are obligated to act mature so our raids goes smoothly and without any emo issues. We understand jokes, we are not robots after all but keep it on a certain level.

6. Always be prepared for raids which is: own consumable aka flasks/pots and food. We might offer Feasts.

7. We use in game Calendar to sign in for raids. Time you signed in doesn't mean you got a spot. Sooner you do that, sooner we choose a team for certain bosses. Reversal of this, later you sign then we might miss you out.

8. We are aiming for clearing the content on heroic level of progression when it's current. We won't push for high rankings, realm firsts or anything like this - we had been playing hardcore in past, now we want to chill out a bit but in progressive and competitive atmosphere. Slacking is not an option.

9. Punctuality. Being on time for raids and not taking long breaks during raid-time is essential.

10. Respect your fellow guildies and when raiding follow instruction as set out by your raid leader.

11. We prefer raiders to be 20+ yrs of age but in extreme cases we will allow 18yrs.
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